By: Monkeyhaus Video 

"feeding the revolution"

       If you're reading this you must be the type of person that needs to know everything. I'll tell you the story of how Pyro's came to be, but you're probably not going to believe me. It was pure destiny that manifested during a last minute trip (fueled by having no job and being quarantined for 3 months and losing our apartment) across the country during the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu. Cash, a Chef, and Co-founder/bestie Anahita, barista/superhuman drove over 3,000 miles with our cat Gremlin and Pibble, Mickey. The trip started as an adventure into the unknown, but it quickly became a search for the best food in our motherland. So, Cash and Anahita traveled to 29 states and dined in some of the best and not so best restaurants our country has to offer. From California to Maine and back and they were inspired. The kindness and generosity they experienced throughout their journey taught them so much about themselves, and the humans that inhabit the land beyond our small ecosystem here in the Bay Area. They came home with a dream - to be better, and to integrate themselves into the community in which we all love and cherish so much. On our journey we didn't know where they'd end up settling (CA is expensive -sheesh) and its no surprise that the East Bay captured their hearts with its diversity, passion for Equality, and Human rights, the very rights Pyro's Pastrami believes EVERYONE deserves, and we want to fight for those rights along side you all and we'll do it the best way we know how - WE are building a REAL, ALL INCLUSIVE business that will feed the hearts, minds, and bellies of the revolutionaries who share the same beliefs - that we all deserve to be treated equally. This company is owned and operated by members of the LGBTQA communities, POC, and their allies. BLM. BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER. WE PROTECT BLACK TRANS WOMEN. 

Join us in our mission to "feed the revolution"